Welcome to Akademikliniken

Here’s what makes us one of the world’s leading clinics:



We have doctors specialized in plastic surgery and dermatology. All treatment is performed by experienced, certified personnel.



To give you a good understanding of what the end result of breast enlargement or rhinoplasty will look like, we provide 3D simulation. This sets us apart in the Nordic region.



All the methods, technical equipment and material that we employ are well-tested, cutting edge and of the very highest quality. It costs a bit more, but it’s well worth it.



Prior to your operation, we provide an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, and he or she will be the same who performe the operation. After your operation, you will always be able to reach your doctor or another team member 24 hours a day, year-round.



We created the first real mathematical method for breast enlargement via implant. This is the same method that we now use to train surgeons from around the world.



For 10 years, we have organized Beauty Through Science, a symposium that gathers plastic surgeons and dermatologists from around the world to exchange knowledge and experiences within the field of plastic surgery. www.beautythroughscience.com


Akademikliniken Fellowship Programme

For many years, specialists and residents in plastic surgery have come to Akademikliniken for shorter or longer periods of time. This gave them the unique possibility to experience and appreciate the clinic’s vast knowledge and expertise in the field of plastic surgery.

Due to the excellent feedback we have received from former residents as well as the great interest shown from around the world, we have now decided to introduce a formal Fellowship Programme.

The Akademikliniken Fellowship Programme offers you the possibility to share the competence and learn from highly experienced specialists, both in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

As a fellow, you will scrub in and assist the senior surgeons in different types of operations on a daily basis. Moreover, you will be able to follow their consultations with patients and assist to non-surgical treatments. Research studies and scientific papers are common at Akademikliniken and you will take an active part in these projects too.

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