You, yourself & You

It’s all about you. And no one else. Only you know what you need. Perhaps you feel like giving your skin a fresh new glow, your eyelids a small lift, or you might be considering a bigger change. Whatever you wish, we’re there for you and we do everything we can to make you feel happy. About yourself.

With extensive experience and a high level of expertise, Akademikliniken offers world-class plastic surgery, aesthetic injection treatments and medical skincare. Our vision is “The world’s most satisfied customers. With themselves” And that’s what we work for, every day. To create a balance between your outer and inner well-being.

The latest technology, cutting-edge techniques and continuous research enable us to stay at the very pinnacle of developments and to train other cosmetic surgeons, worldwide.

All of you

Our experienced team of plastic surgeons working in close cooperation with dermatologists, specially trained nurses, skin therapists and dentists, offer tailor-made holistic solutions for the well-being of our customers. Our own range of skincare products, developed by the clinic’s experts, also gives you access to our expertise at home.

By your side

Our size means your safety. All our clinics throughout the Nordic region are technically equipped to be able to offer the best possible care and optimal treatment results. With us, you always deal with licensed, registered and certified staff, who are there for you when you need them.

Beautiful surroundings

Our main clinic is situated in beautiful surroundings close to the centre of Stockholm. The clinic is fully equipped according to hospital standards and we are able to offer you a pleasant stay during your operation. We are also happy to help you with hotel reservations etc.


To book an appointment with one of our plastic surgeons, please contact our Customer Service.