Publisert 2013-12-03

Clinical evaluation of TIGR® Matrix at Akademikliniken in Stockholm extended – A regional collaboration with global impact


As previously reported, Akademikliniken in Stockholm are conducting a clinical evaluation of TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh, the world’s first long-term resorbable synthetic surgical mesh, designed and manufactured by Novus Scientific in Uppsala, Sweden. As the collaboration so far has been successful, the parties have agreed to extend the scope of the collaboration.

Akademikliniken was founded in 1991 and has since become one of the world’s leading private plastic surgery clinics. Established in five European countries, Akademikliniken is a pioneer and leading authority in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Novus Scientific from Uppsala, Sweden, has developed and markets TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh, the world’s first long-term absorbable surgical matrix for reinforcement of soft tissue. As previously reported a clinical evaluation of TIGR® Matrix is being performed, aiming to establish gold standard protocols for the use of TIGR® Matrix in aesthetic breast surgery. As the initial experiences have been positive, the collaboration and evaluation are set to continue until 50 patients are included.

Akademikliniken contributes with competence and provides important clinical feedback in order to further improve patient outcomes globally. “Our initial experience with TIGR Matrix in our practice has been very positive. Assuming that it stays this way, TIGR Matrix will be a most valuable tool for us as well as plastic surgeons world-wide” says Dr Per Hedén of Akademiklinikenin Stockholm, Sweden. “At Akademikliniken we always try to stay at the front of clinical and technological development and establish protocols and evidence that are of value to our customers. This collaboration is a testament to that philosophy.”

TIGR® Matrix is a synthetic long-term absorbable surgical matrix used in breast reconstructions and abdominal wall surgery to support and reinforce weakened soft tissue during a regeneration phase. The evaluation at Akademikliniken is performed on patients undergoing surgery for capsular contractures, implant asymmetries and other complications that may follow aesthetic breast surgery. Making use of a synthetic absorbable material for temporary reinforcement increases the likelihood of a successful operation and a pleasing, long-term aesthetic result.

”We are proud to work with Akademikliniken and the professionals involved” says Henrik Hjort, Global Product Manager at Novus Scientific and co-inventor of TIGR® Matrix. “This is a regional collaboration with a global impact – it is of course very exciting.”

Experiences from the clinical evaluation will be made publically available at scientific surgical meetings during 2014.

About TIGR® Matrix – find out more:

TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh is a degradable surgical matrix made from synthetic resorbable polymers intended to support and reinforce tissue for 6-9 months and absorbs completely after 3 years. The product is used for soft tissue reinforcement in general and plastic surgery. TIGR® Matrix is CE marked (2011) and has been cleared for marketing by the US FDA (2010).

Akademikliniken är en av världens ledande privatkliniker för estetisk och rekonstruktiv plastikkirurgi. Vår verksamhet omfattar ett brett spektra av olika plastikkirurgiska ingrepp och vi är den enda privata kliniken i Skandinavien som utför avancerade mikrokirurgiska ingrepp.

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